Financial Planning for Families

Wealth Management for the Family

Private Wealth Management for the Family

Coordinating personal wealth and financial affairs is challenging in today’s complex financial environment. At Ivory Planning Group we provide the services to appropriately and effectively manage your financial affairs in a discrete and professional manner. Every Canadian will have the challenge of navigating the stages of building, protecting and transferring wealth and in our role as active wealth managers, we guide our clients through those stages with a comprehensive, long-term approach for long term success.

Financial Planning Services

In whichever stage you find yourself of building, protecting or transferring wealth, you need to have a plan. By considering your family’s goals we can establish a program that considers risk, taxation and flexibility to ensure we are incrementally improving your family’s estates year after year. At Ivory Planning Group we believe that a financial plan is an evolving entity that needs to be reviewed regularly. Open and transparent communication keeps our programs in line with your plans.

Portfolio & Investment Management

It makes sense to proactively manage your investment portfolios and pensions. By having a pulse on market and economic conditions Ivory can provide sound guidance for positioning and allocating your investment accounts. We customize each portfolio based on your personal goals and objectives and, depending on the complexity of the accounts, will arrange quarterly or semi annual reviews to help you understand the ever changing market.

Insurance Analysis and Risk Protection

We can implement a detailed and thorough investment plan, however without the adequate insurance in place it may all be for nothing. Together we consider your exposure from a liability, health and tax perspective, and customize an insurance program that will ensure your family’s affairs are considered in the event of death, disability or critical illness.